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Quadruplicate Sets - Double Sided

Quadruplicate Sets - Double Sided

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If you do not have an artwork for us to print from, please add one of our template options to your cart before checking out. If you'd prefer to check out our single sided printing, click here.

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Additional Information

Ink Colour Explained

One Colour Printing Order

Our standard printing colour is black. Greyscale is allowed. Please see the list below for more information regarding ink colours

  • BLACK (standard) - no surcharge
  • REFLEX BLUE (Pantone Reflex Blue) £5.00 surcharge
  • DUTCH FIREBALL RED (Pantone 185) + £5.00 surcharge
  • IVY MINT GREEN (Pantone 347) + £5.00 surcharge
  • ANY OTHER INK COLOUR + £30.00 surcharge - choose whichever ink colour you require. On receipt of your order we will contact you to discuss the ink colour you require.

*Please request a sample pack if you would like to see an accurate match for ink colours. This screen representation for the ink colours may not be accurate and is for approximate representation purposes only.

Full Colour Printing Order

We use digital technology for the majority of our full colour orders. This means we are unable to offer metallic and day-glow ink when printing in full colour. If your order is colour specific, please request a hard copy proof for approval prior to printing.

For NCR printing in full colour – please note our prices are for printing the face side (front) of the top sheet only in full colour. All other printing and sheets will be in black ink.

Numbering Explained

Consecutive Numbering

  • We charge £11.00 per 1,000 NCR sets consecutively numbered*
  • Numbering is consecutive (for example 0001, 0002, 0003 etc.)
  • We number in black ink in one position as standard
  • We can start from a number of your choice – when we receive your order, we will contact you to find out the starting number you require

How to calculate the cost to number your order:

If you are ordering NCR sets:

For example: 2,000 NCR sets numbered
Therefore: 2 x £11.00 per 1,000 = £22.00

If you are ordering NCR pads

For example: 40 pads of 50 sets numbered
(40 x 50 sets = 2,000 sets)
Therefore: 2 x £11.00 per 1,000 = £22.00

If you are ordering NCR books

For example: 40 books of 50 sets numbered
(40 x 50 sets = 2,000 sets)
Therefore: 2 x £11.00 per 1,000 = £22.00

Our online ordering system will automatically calculate the cost for numbering your order

Technical information:

Please note that numbering is consecutive (eg. If you order 500 NCR sets and require numbering, we will start from a number of your choosing, say, 5001 and the numbers will continue 5002, 5003 etc. all the way up to 5500.
Please note: Numbering is done using a separate process after the order is printed. The numbering machine stamps the number onto the top sheet of the NCR set. The NCR process automatically transfers the number to the consecutive sheets in the set below. (This is also known as crash numbering in the trade).

  • The height of the numbers is 5mm.
  • The maximum amount of number allowed is 7 digits.
  • If you are supplying an artwork file for us to use, please leave an area for us to drop the number into. We recommend an area of at least 3cm wide by 1cm high.

Please contact if you require any further information regarding our numbering service.

*Minimum charge for numbering is £11.00

Writing Shields Explained

Fixed Writing Shields

  • We can add a fixed writing guard to your NCR pads or NCR books.
  • We charge 50p per fixed writing shield with a minimum charge of £5.00.

Why do I need a Fixed Writing Shield?

When you write on NCR paper, an impression is made on sets below. You need a piece of card to stop the impression transferring to sets below the current set you are using.

What is a Fixed Writing Shield?

A fixed writing guard is a piece of card which is attached to the grey board backing card of an NCR pad or NCR book. The card flips over and should be placed under the current set to stop impressions transferring to sets below. As standard we use a 240gm. cream card for fixed writing shields.